Having great people is really what makes our company great.

Dan Strom

Dan is a technical jack-of-all-trades.  As a programmer, he is responsible for many of the programs used in support of Paragon’s daily processes.  He also manages all connectivity issues, hardware issues, disaster recovery backups, and many other technical chores.  He serves as the primary liaison to the clearinghouses, insurance companies’ EDI departments and other technical vendors.  He is frequently called upon to search for and analyze software solutions, as well as to flesh out technical requirements for new projects.

Bartley Heath

With backgrounds in Computer Science Engineering, Finance, and Accounting, Bartley Heath has progressively worked his way into senior finance and accounting roles. Mr. Heath joined Paragon from Well Care Home Health Inc., one of the largest home health providers in North Carolina, as Senior Director Corporate Finance. At Well Care, he held the senior financial leadership role, overseeing all accounting functions, analyzing financial metrics, identifying deficiencies, and creating decision-making models. His knowledge of information systems continues to prove valuable in finance roles, as he is able to create various reports and models to calculate critical financial and operational metrics.

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