Par’-a-gon: (n) - a model or pattern of excellence.

Paragon Billing was formed in 2001 by Jay Rietmulder. The company leveraged its proprietary software and its focus on quality to become Minnesota’s premier mental health billing service. In 2010, Jay designed a web-based appointment calendar with an integrated electronic health record system (EHR). Guided by a first-hand understanding of the therapeutic process, the EHR system was designed to serve the practitioner and the client and to meet external requirements. Just as important as what we do, or how we do it, is what we believe.

Our Core Beliefs:

  1. Good people separate truly great companies from just good companies. We hire for character and train for skill.
  2. Bottom-up process improvement: it is the people performing the work who can actually contribute the most to improving the process.
  3. Creativity should have no bounds or be hindered by the bureaucracy of a rigid chain of command.
  4. Innovative technology should compliment a company’s core strengths rather than being relied upon as the company’s core strength.
  5. Customer relationships should be a partnership with the common goal of continually looking for ways to improve upon the customer experience.

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